Sorry for being away so long!

It’s been 2 weeks since I last posted. I’ve been having health problems.

So, in the last 2 weeks, I went to the first meeting of the Thetford Independent Living Group at Charles Burrell Centre in Thetford where I was able to explain how Norwich Independent Living Group works. It was a good turn out and there next meeting is at the beginning of March. If you would like further information please email Tom Fadden at

My other highlight was going to see The Band musical at Norwich Theatre Royal. It’s on until 17th February and is a must see show.

Another constructive Week

Another constructive week.

On Wednesday I attended the Making it Real meeting as representative of the Norwich Independent Living Group. On Thursday a meeting at Equal Lives to look at improving the PA Register and Friday my usual volunteer work at Equal Lives.

I’ve also been continuing to organise the trek on Pen Y Fan in September.

This coming week, I’m attending the first meeting of Thetford Independent Living Group which will be held at Charles Burrell Centre in Thetford.

I also plan to upload the long awaited short video of my Essex trip last year.

See you next week

New Group and visit to the cinema

On Tuesday I chaired a new group Norfolk Rail Access Group which consisted on different Access and disability groups and individuals in Norfolk. The groups included;

Norwich Access Group, Wymondham Access Group, Dereham & District Access Group, Norwich Independent Living Group and North Norfolk Independent Living & Access Group. And of course, Equal Lives.

It was agreed to invite rail operators serving Norfolk to the next meeting to work with them on improving their services for travellers with disabilities.

My other outing for the week was going to see The Greatest Showman starring Hugh Jackman and Zak Efron.

This was a song and dance musical about P.T Barnum in the late 19th century America. Typically a story about Barnum bringing together a group of people, viewed by people THEN as freaks as we NOW know as people with disabilities or who have medical conditions. One could say Barnum exploited them but in actual fact he gave them confidence to be happy and confident with themselves.  Certainly a story of social injustice of its time.

One thing I learn from it was the character Jenny Lind. Jenny Lind was a Swedish opera singer whom Barnum met whilst having an audience with Queen Victoria. My mind went into overtime and started thinking was the same Jenny Lind as with Jenny Lind Unit in Norwich and Norfolk and Norwich Hospital? Yes it was! It was even mentioned in the film she gave all her fees to charity.

This week

Well, this week has been fairly quiet for me. Chaired Norwich Access Group on Tuesday. I’m looking to get a microphone (voice amplifier) as my voice can be soft and if I’m tired I tend to speak in my chest and quiet.

I’ve started work on the Pen Y Fan Challenge for September. I’m building up a Support team. I’ve put an appeal out for support on Facebook and emailed Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme. It was suggested I contact the local mountain rescue team in the Brecons.

This week, I’m chairing a Rail Access group meeting to discuss issues around Rail travel and access to stations in Norfolk (or lack of!!)

I also start Yoga! So watch this space (and Facebook!)

Must post more

Not sure but like some I don’t stick to New Years resolutions. Well here goes!

Last week had a good meeting with Direct Payment team at Norfolk Adult Social Care.

What’s in store for me in 2018. Well, I’ll continue to advocate for disabled people in Norfolk who receive social care I.e Personal Budgets/Direct Payments. Already started this with a meeting last week as I’ve mentioned previously.

I plan to continue arranging meet ups for people who have Scoliosis.

Regarding my annual adventures. This year will be different. I hope to do Pen Y Fan but the support team will be walking. This will be a short trip. If anyone be interested in supporting this, please contact me by email I’m particularly looking for someone to drive me to Wales!

Looking ahead! 2019 with be 10 years since I did the Coast to Coast in 2009 and doing my boma adventures. To mark this mile stone I’ll be revisiting the Coast to Coast.

That’s all for now. Any enquiries please use the contact form on my website

Beauty and the Beast

This brilliant live retelling of a classic story kept to its original plus added extra songs and scenes. Emma Watson (in my opinion!) was great as Belle as was Dan Stevens as the Beast.

The photography and CGI’s was excellent, particularly how they made up Dan Stevens. Anyone watching BBC1’s One Show on Thursday 16th March will know what I mean!

Certainly a “Tale as old as time” as generations from 26 years ago will want to see.

My only vice was, and it was nothing to do with the film was where wheelchair spaces are located, near the door, the Usher kept coming in and having a look and it was rather distracting because of the light!!!