New Group and visit to the cinema

On Tuesday I chaired a new group Norfolk Rail Access Group which consisted on different Access and disability groups and individuals in Norfolk. The groups included;

Norwich Access Group, Wymondham Access Group, Dereham & District Access Group, Norwich Independent Living Group and North Norfolk Independent Living & Access Group. And of course, Equal Lives.

It was agreed to invite rail operators serving Norfolk to the next meeting to work with them on improving their services for travellers with disabilities.

My other outing for the week was going to see The Greatest Showman starring Hugh Jackman and Zak Efron.

This was a song and dance musical about P.T Barnum in the late 19th century America. Typically a story about Barnum bringing together a group of people, viewed by people THEN as freaks as we NOW know as people with disabilities or who have medical conditions. One could say Barnum exploited them but in actual fact he gave them confidence to be happy and confident with themselves.  Certainly a story of social injustice of its time.

One thing I learn from it was the character Jenny Lind. Jenny Lind was a Swedish opera singer whom Barnum met whilst having an audience with Queen Victoria. My mind went into overtime and started thinking was the same Jenny Lind as with Jenny Lind Unit in Norwich and Norfolk and Norwich Hospital? Yes it was! It was even mentioned in the film she gave all her fees to charity.

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